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LOG is the leading wholesaler in the professional horticulture and garden market in Norway.

Founded in 1929 as a cooperative for professional growers to secure high-quality supplies, our history is more than 90 years as a partner to growers.

Today our Company constitutes 4 business areas:

  • Professional flower growers
    (e.g. young plants, seeds, growing media, pots and trays, fertilizer, plant protection, greenhouse equipment)
  • Professional vegetable, fruits & berries growers
    (e.g. seeds, growing media, fleece and insect covers, fertilizer, plant protection)
  • Professional Park & Landscaping
    (e.g. urban furniture and elements, planters and other products for outdoor public spaces)
  • Garden center products
    (e.g. consumer packages of growing media, planters, seeds, fertilizers)

Our headquarters and main warehouse is based in Oslo, and in addition local sales representatives all of Norway. Today we are 40 employees and have appr. 25 MEUR in turnover

Business info:


Nedre Kalbakkvei 88D
N-1081 Oslo
VAT no: NO 983473997 MVA


Nedre Kalbakkvei 88B
N-1081 Oslo

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